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Capture Their Soul

(in 1/125th of a second!)


The purpose of a portrait is to capture a moment.

You want something more..a reflection of your child’s personality, and the quiet, almost invisible moment, their soul.

Liz, Grafitti Wall, Peach Tree City, GA

Liz, Grafitti Wall, Peach Tree City, GA

The talent of a photographer is not her or his gear bag or the lights they bring to a session. It’s not the corporate logos they place in their footers, the “awards” they have, or the highly stylized, Photo-shopped images on their website. That unfortunately has become a dime a dozen, somewhat diluting any un-biased recognition of the photographers achievement.

In photography, envision the camera, lenses, lighting, reflectors, assistants, in short, the gear – as the cart. Gear is the necessary stuff one needs to record an image. Without a competent pair of hands on it, it cannot operate. But in and of itself, it doesn’t do much.

Now think of the photographer. What is his or her default demeanor? Are they there to make money? Book a session? Pose you in a way that is “acceptable”; in ways designed to get “likes” on Facebook? Is it something they learned at the last seminar they took? Sure, the pictures probably will be pretty. Some even impressive. But collectively do they capture soul? Or are the images “too busy” getting cute, while maybe missing the moment?

Finding the moment, listening to the moment, accepting to moment.

I believe, the moment is the key, the moment is the horse. The equipment, fancy web page, supposed awards and other self-serving items are collectively, the cart. Finding the moment is never easy but very easy at the same time. It is why two people go into an alley way, one comes out with pictures of the asphalt, bricks and a few weeds. The other will see the moment, will see beyond the obvious and find the story, the idea or abstract theme and produce a fine art image worthy of framing.

Find the soul and good in everyone.


Hannah & Grace, Venice, Florida

Hannah & Grace, Venice, Florida

In portrait photography it is the approach and premise. If I am looking for the obvious things about you and your kids, you will get obvious pictures. Yes they will be in focus and even look “professional”. But the experience is like buying a gallon of milk. As long as the milk tastes fine (not sour and out of focus), you will get pictures that are reasonable for the price paid.

I approach you and your family as if you are royalty. To me, everyone is a King, a Queen, A Princess, and a Prince. Beauty, hope, laughter, anxiety, confidence, and vulnerability are all the clues we radiate at any given moment. As a photographer and the subject, much of our success will rely on what we are together on a given shoot as it might be all my “experience”. As the late great photographer Richard Avedon once said: “It’s not about the equipment or anything else, it is simply what is happening between me and my subject”. Truer words about portrait photography have never been said.

An image that you can adore for life.

A successful session will create its own weather. We will laugh, we will have an odd moment or two, we’ll get used to each other and in those invisible, not obvious moments, we will get the image that you can adore for life. This is not about me bragging about my abilities. It goes way beyond that. It is the fact I am humble in the middle of all this – I know that some sessions are great, others are ok. What’s the difference? The difference is that a photographer can find 2, 3, 4, even 10 things to be grateful for before and during the photo session. They know truly great pictures have less to do with their cameras, training, or how “good” they are.

The greatest photography is made when the photographer accepts that he or she is nothing till spirit places the people, the faces, the moment in front of them.

Sure it takes a bit of talent to get better than average pictures. However, the true goodness in any picture is the result of the sitter, the photographer, and the wonderful, undescribable X factor. It’s the thing you can’t buy nor I can sell. It’s what we know and accept while we are finding the spirit of you and your kids.

You & your kids will never look the same – memories are fleeting.


Liz, Lauren, Raelee, Line Creek, Peach Tree City, Georgia

Liz, Lauren, Raelee, Line Creek, Peach Tree City, Georgia

Time keeps moving on. You will never look like you do today. Your children, family and friends will never look the same.

Isn’t it time to get a few great images to cherish for life?

These will be shared on your cell phones. They will be framed in 16×20’s in your office. They might even be the 40” framed gallery print over the fireplace. One thing for sure – they will be special and unique. They will be more than snap shots – they will be a view into a special world that lives right now.
Call or email me today and we can begin a no obligation conversation for your portrait session – it’s never too early to find out what might be.

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