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I have been fortunate to photograph some amazing people. They have been gracious enough to say a few kind words about our sessions.


“The pure emotions Rob captured, during a session with my family, was moving. Everyone was so at  ease and the resulting pictures look very natural. It’s as though a friend was there to capture the love between us. Thanks, Rob.” – Ken Pavett, Wheaton, IL


“Rob Oresteen is a fantastic photographer. Hire him. You will look your best.” – Maureen Gasek, Aurora, IL 


Rob Oresteen is a fantastic photographer

“Rob was a rock star…the pictures of the staff and myself came out great. Thank you, Rob!” – Kim White, Director, Community Career Center, Naperville, IL



“It was an honor having Rob behind the camera. I admire his portrait work, and he is a true professional. During my photo session, Rob made me feel at ease and rolled with my unique ideas. I couldn’t have been happier with my head shots. Thanks, Rob!” – Marissa Amoni, Aurora, IL



“Working with the fantastic Mr. Rob is a one-of-a-kind experience. Being active in the modeling/fashion industry, I have had more shoots than I can count on my fingers and toes. In my opinion, the ones that turn out to be really special are with photographers that capture the moments when you’re not posing…when you’re distracted and acting naturally. Those are the shots you never tire of looking at.” – Autumn Hope Olson, Chicago, IL


“Rob captured our daughter completely. She looks so beautiful in all of her photos. He was very patient with her. I know working with teenagers is not the easiest thing to do but he made it work!” – Jane Mihelich , Naperville, IL.



“Rob is professional, respectful, and concerned that his clients are well-pleased and cared for.” – Holly Portman, Chicago, IL




“Rob Oresteen takes photographs with a highly enthusiastic passion. He is relaxed and in tune with his subjects and this passion translates in his vibrant images. Vim and vigor baby. Vim and vigor.” – Julia Haw, Chicago, IL



“I’m so glad Rob took on our wedding photography!…Rob’s creativity, sharp photography and quick eye for those spur-of-the-moment images ensured we have a wedding album to treasure for years to come. Thanks, Rob! Love, Rose & Ted” – Rose MacHarg, Baltimore, MD


“Sessions with Rob are absolutely amazing. The whole time you can tell he is having fun, which in return makes you feel relaxed and have fun.” – Felicia Speranske, Wheaton, IL



“Rob did a wonderful job capturing images of the girls. He made them feel comfortable and natural as he guided them in their poses and expressions. Some of the photos turned out to be exceptionally special. The lighting and the reflections in the water all came together beautifully.” – Johnna Horvat, Newnan, GA


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